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InterText was a fiction magazine that published on the Internet from 1991 through 2004. It ceased publication after its 57th issue.

All past issues are available for browsing, as well as a collection of our best stories and a comprehensive list of all our stories.

Volume 1, Number 1March 1991HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 1, Number 2July 1991HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 1, Number 3September 1991HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 1, Number 4November 1991HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 2, Number 1January 1992HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 2, Number 2March 1992HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 2, Number 3May 1992HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 2, Number 4July 1992HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 2, Number 5September 1992HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 2, Number 6November 1992HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 3, Number 1January 1993HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 3, Number 2March 1993HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 3, Number 3May 1993HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 3, Number 4July 1993HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 3, Number 5September 1993HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 3, Number 6November 1993HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 4, Number 1January 1994HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 4, Number 2March 1994HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 4, Number 3May 1994HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 4, Number 4July 1994HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 4, Number 5September 1994HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 4, Number 6November 1994HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 5, Number 1January 1995HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 5, Number 2March 1995HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 5, Number 3May 1995HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 5, Number 4July 1995HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 5, Number 5September 1995HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 5, Number 6November 1995HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 6, Number 1January 1996HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 6, Number 2March 1996HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 6, Number 3May 1996HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 6, Number 4July 1996HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 6, Number 5September 1996HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 6, Number 6November 1996HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 7, Number 1January 1997HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 7, Number 2March 1997HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 7, Number 3May 1997HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 7, Number 4September 1997HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 7, Number 5November 1997HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 8, Number 1January 1998HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 8, Number 2March 1998HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 8, Number 3May 1998HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 8, Number 4July 1998HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 8, Number 5September 1998HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 9, Number 1January 1999HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 9, Number 2March 1999HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 9, Number 3May 1999HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 9, Number 4July 1999HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 9, Number 5Fall 1999HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 9, Number 6December 28, 1999HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 10, Number 1Spring 2000HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 10, Number 2Summer 2000HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 10, Number 3Winter 2000HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 11, Number 12001HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 12, Number 12002HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 13, Number 12003HTMLPDFASCII
Volume 13, Number 22004HTMLPDFASCII

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