Upon watching "Watchmen"

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Having seen “Watchmen” 24 hours ago, I am still thinking about it and still not quite sure what I thought of it. I think the fact that this intersection of two forms of media and two different works of art has provoked this much deep thought says something in its favor; if it’s a failure, it’s the good kind of failure.

I think the critics who are bashing the source material are guilty of the most pathetic form of revisionism; the work is a masterpiece despite its (admitted) flaws. Yes, it’s a B-movie plot with some ridiculous dialogue. So? Doesn’t diminish it one bit.

The movie is perhaps more interesting in terms of its relationship to its source material than as a movie. I don’t know. I would need several blows to the head to watch the movie in a state that doesn’t involve 20-plus years of self-interpretation of Moore’s and Gibbons’s work. I do think that perhaps this is the best movie that could ever have been made of “Watchmen,” with the possible exception of casting different actors as Adrian and Laurie.

I will point you to Alan Sepinwall’s review of the movie, which is probably 90-95% in alignment with my feelings.

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