Shut Up, Writer Boy

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4,000 words in and the theoretical reader who is following along would have little idea what the thing is about. Am I doing the same thing I did the last time — writing a story that’s waaaaay longer than I thought it would be? I hope not. But I’ve always said, stories are as long as they need to be. In my outline I always had a whole section that was about the initial event that sets the stories in motion.

My main characters are kids when this first event happens, which is important because it sets up some massive social change that makes the world the characters grow up in.

So I’m doing a lot of writing of these characters that aren’t the main characters, which is really weird. But I want to take my time with this, because this is setting the scene for everything that comes later, and I think the readers need to know it. Though I might end up cutting it all in rewrite. Who knows?

Still, I’m 4,000 words in and we haven’t met a single main character other than the narrator. Hmm.

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