Chicken Bone Man

Anna Olswanger

Sometimes Man's Best Friend helps Man in ways He can't even understand.

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Anna Olswanger ( grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and has made "the home of the Blues" the backdrop to many of her stories. "Chicken Bone Man," set in the Jewish neighborhood of Memphis in 1927, won the 1997 F. Scott Fitzgerald Short Story Contest, and appeared in the premiere issue of Lonzie's Fried Chicken: A Journal of Accessible Southern Fiction and Poetry. Its prequel "Big Mistreatin' Bittersweet'n Blues" appeared in Cricket magazine. She lives and teaches in Baltimore. Her limited edition book Shlemiel Crooks is forthcoming from Tabula Rasa Press in Seattle.

You can hear two different versions of "Chicken Bone Man." Berl Olswanger's original recording is available in MP3 format. A brief excerpt is also available in WAV format. An instrumental version sequenced by Christopher Breen is available in MIDI format and as a QuickTime movie.

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