Jason Snell

When I started InterText, I was a college student with too much time on my hands. I always figured that once I had children, that would be the cue to stop doing InterText. As it turned out, having kids did coincide with the right time to stop doing this magazine.

A lot of other life events interceded, too. My job continues to offer me more and more challenges that leave me less time for outside-work pursuits. My intersts on the Internet have changed, too: I've got several other Web projects that fit more with my interests as a 34-year-old, while InterText fit much better in my life when I was 20.

Doing InterText as a short story magazine was always a lot of fun, but this will be the final issue. I will tranform into something different, pursuing that which interests me today. But it's my intent to keep InterText online at into the future.

As I wrap things up, I want to thank a few people: Geoff Duncan, without whom this whole thing would never have gotten off the ground and certainly wouldn't have stayed airborne for as long as it did; Jeff Quan, who created such amazing cover art over the years; Joe Dudley and the rest of the submissions panel, who kept InterText alive much longer than it would have lasted if I had to read every submission myself; to all our loyal readers who have enjoyed the interesting and quirky collections of stories we've published over the year; and finally, to the writers of those stories, without whom there would be have been no InterText. Not a single one of them got a single penny from us for their stories; that they contributed them to the cause of online publishing is something we should never forget.

Goodbye, and good luck.

--Jason Snell

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