The Best of InterText: Nine Years of Short Fiction

Welcome to the InterText story collection. We've published well over 200 stories since we began this effort in March of 1991, and lately we've come to realize that it's getting more and more difficult for new InterText readers to browse through our immense library of past stories.

It's especially difficult given InterText's often-eclectic mix of mainstream, Science Fiction, and more fantastic premises. We like that mixture -- but not everyone does. That's one other big reason for this collection.

Herein you'll find our best stories broken up into three big categories: mainstream fiction, science fiction, and "The Fantastic." The Fantastic, be warned, is not sword-and-sorcery fiction... but it does contain stories less grounded in science and technology and more grounded in the mystical, the strange, the unexplained. Was "The Twilight Zone" science fiction? Some would say so. But under this system, it would clearly be in the realm of "The Fantastic."

Within those categories, we've created a total of 8 story collections. Think of these as "virtual issues" of InterText, issues arranged by theme from our favorite stories over the past seven years. We encourage you to read them all, but if your taste runs to one particular type of story, you can target your reading a little bit more. You can even go further and read every InterText story published in that category.

In Present Tense, our mainstream section, you'll find two collections: Straight Edges, stories very much grounded in the here and now, and At an Angle, mainstream stories with a viewpoint that's a little more... odd.

In Science Fiction you'll find three collections: Alternate Earths, featuring stories that deal with Earths not quite like the one we know, Other Worlds, featuring topics most definitely not of this world, and Tech Marvels, stories in which technology plays a major role.

In The Fantastic you'll also find three collections: Almost Today, stories set in a world that could almost be our own... were it not for subtle intrustions of fantastic elements, Strange Encounters, featuring stories with odd settings, and Amazing Futures, all stories set in future worlds quite different from our own.