Jason Snell  
Jason Snell is founder of Six Colors, a Macworld columnist, the founder and host of the award-winning podcast The Incomparable, and the host or producer of numerous other podcasts on the Relay FM and Incomparable networks. Previously he was senior vice president and editorial director at IDG Consumer & SMB, publishers of Macworld, PCWorld, and TechHive. He was the creator of InterText, one of the first online fiction magazines, which published from 1991 to 2004, and the lead editor on TeeVee.org, one of the very first TV blogs. He lives in Mill Valley, California, with his wife and two children.
Photo (right): Jason, Julian, Lauren, and Jamie aboard the ms Westerdam in St. Petersburg, Russia, July 4, 2005.
Photo (below): Jason and Julian, February 2005.